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Welcome! This is Pacific West Home Inspection.

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog. My name is Scott Mantecon and I am owner and lead home inspector 0f Pacific West Home Inspection, LLC which is based out of beautiful San Clemente, Ca.

I have been inspecting the last 5 years and my background is in professional photography emphasizing in commercial, architecture, and residential real estate. From this training, I have developed a focused eye for detail that reflects in the thouroughness of the inspections I perform.

Why am I blogging and what's in it for you?

The reason I have started this blog is to help and educate all current and soon to be home owners (buyers, sellers) as to how their home works and how to maintain it. Also as to why a home inspection has immense value to probably the most expensive single purchase you will ever make. I got interested in this field many years ago after having a home inspection done on a house I was buying and wishing I had one done on the one I just sold. I was very suprised at what was found. Which is the reason to have a home inspection in the first place. So you're not surprised with issues that you're not prepared for after the sale. If you know about it before closing, you have options that you and your realtor can discuss and make a plan to move forward.

My goal is to post here a couple times a month to start (i think that will be doable on my end) and to provide valuable content for you. Please become a member and you will get notified of new posts and I welcome all feedback positive or negative. This is the only way I can be helpful and improve my content.

Thank you for your time.


Scott Mantecon

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InterNACHI Certified Residential Property Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Pool and SPA Inspector
First Time Home Buyer Friendly Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Roof Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Moisture Intrusion Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Mobile Home Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Garage Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Crawlspace Inspector
InterNACHI Certified Plumbing Inspector

Pacific West Home Inspection, LLC provides home inspection services in the following counties:

Orange, San Diego, Riverside, Los Angelas and all surrounding areas.